Maple Ridge (Fraserview Campus)


Junior Kindergarten/Out of School Care

30 months to 12 years 


11485 227 St. Maple Ridge, BC V2X 0Z9



(604) 467-7529


Maple Ridge (Albion Campus)




Preschool enhanced daycare

6 months to five years 


24133 102 avenue. Maple Ridge, BC V2W 2C6





(604) 476-7529


Maple Ridge (Kanaka Campus)



Infant/Toddler care

Preschool enhanced daycare

Junior Kindergarten

Out of school care

6 months to Twelve years 


23980 Kanaka Way Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1H6

(604) 477 -4433 (infant toddler/3-5 program)

(604) 467-7250 (Junior Kindergarten/out of school)




Mission (Silverdale Campus)




Preschool enhanced daycare

Preschool/Junior Kindergarten 

Out of School Care

6 months to 12  years 


29715 Donatelli Ave Mission B.C V4S 1H6




(604) 287-7009